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Is Duct Sealing Right for Your Home?

Despite improvements in efficiency, the average Northeast Indiana area home loses a significant amount of heating and cooling energy way of leaks in the duct system. If not addressed, you can face issues like HVAC inefficiency, energy waste, discomfort, and other concerns in the home. However, preventive measures can help you evade such scenarios. For instance, duct sealing is a viable option for homeowners looking to take corrective measures that can save them money— and frustration — in the end.

Understanding Duct Leaks

When your home’s HVAC system cycles, warmed or cooled air is pushed through the duct system into the home. You might assume the conditioned air reaches your living areas. That’s typically not the case. On the contrary, most homes’ ductwork is not optimal and results in significant air loss through duct leaks.

Just how prevalent is the issue, you might ask? On average, a residential structure loses 20 to 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through leaky ducts, per the Environmental Protection Agency. In other words, 70-80 percent of the conditioned air produced by your HVAC unit comes inside — the remainder makes its way to other areas of the home where it might not serve you.

Also, know that duct leaks can occur almost anywhere in the duct system. The system’s supply-side and return side can both succumb to wasteful air leaks. The supply-side moves conditioned air from your HVAC system to your home’s interiors.

You don’t have to lose sleep over potential leaks. Instead, look to duct sealing for peace of mind. This process is done to close air leaks in the duct system and increase efficiency at the same time. The benefits of duct sealing help homeowners in Northeast Indiana in the following ways:

Save on Energy Bills

By sealing off vulnerabilities in your duct system and preventing extra ones from making an appearance, duct sealing helps homeowners conserve energy. The good news is that once leaks are sealed, the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the same temperature levels as it did before the work was complete.

Naturally, you might conclude that the benefits of duct sealing directly impact your utility bills — and you’d be right. Since your HVAC system can do the same job without using as much energy, your bills are lower. The savings generated through the benefits of duct sealing means the work pays for itself eventually.

Comfort is King

Leaky ducts can wreak havoc on your indoor climate, making it a challenge to achieve comfortable temperatures in your home. Some amount of the heating or cooling called for by your thermostat is lost before it ever reaches you. That means the system must run more cycles. The reality is that it takes longer for your HVAC unit to work to contribute to your ideal temperature.

However, when duct leaks are eliminated, you gain a firm command over indoor temperatures and home comfort. You’re more comfortable inside, due to the lack of air loss and infiltration.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The same duct leaks that allow unconditioned air to enter the system also allow particles in, which can put a damper on air quality in your home. Allergens like dust, dirt, mold and other debris in your basement, attic, or crawlspace can enter your air supply and your living areas. Higher concentrations of these particles can pose health risks, especially for those with allergies and asthma. Duct sealing keeps your ducts cleaner in that airborne contaminants are less likely to get through and affect indoor air quality.

Protect Your HVAC System

You might not realize it, but duct sealing can protect your heating and cooling equipment from damage. When the HVAC system is forced to run extra cycles to make up for inefficiency, it takes more of a beating. This everyday stress can lead to an increased risk of system breakdowns. Wear-and-tear issues can also cause the system to break down earlier than expected, putting stress on your pocketbook as well.

By reducing the amount of work your HVAC system must handle, the benefits of duct sealing protect your system from damage. When the system’s not taxed, it can operate more efficiently and have a longer lifespan, with less risk of breakdown or system failure.

To DIY… or Not?

You might consider yourself fairly handy around the house. Speaking of things going wrong, watching a YouTube video and ordering certain products do not necessarily deliver the best result. On the contrary, addressing leaks presupposes a good amount of savvy, of which you may not possess. That’s OK! Remember not everyone is supposed to be an HVAC pro! When in doubt, leave this project to the professionals – you’ll save time, money, and probably a few headaches. You don’t want to inadvertently turn a small issue into a larger one. Yikes!

Why Call JO Mory?

Equal parts science and part art don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to deal sealing. If it were entirely straightforward, it would be easy for anyone with the right tools to do it correctly. However, in many projects, some nuances make it more challenging. This is why an artful approach to duct sealing can be necessary. With the experienced technicians from JO Mory at the helm, they can handle any curveballs head-on, to ensure your ducts are sealed tightly.

Additionally, you can count on our capable team at JO Mory to take care of the rest of your HVAC, plumbing, electrical and geothermal needs, as well. Our trained staff has what it takes to ensure your entire system is ready and able to provide you with the comfort you deserve year-round. Plus, you can expect to save 25-40% on your energy bills every month. In an era of high gasoline prices, this can help a family’s budget considerably.

Plus, we have earned a reputation for outstanding customer service and our affordable prices. You’ll enjoy more comfort, better service, and great savings. If you have questions or would like to arrange for a free quote, call 800.621.6679.