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Top 5 Reasons To Invest in Regular HVAC Preventive Maintenance


If you own an HVAC system, you know the importance of keeping it in tip-top condition. HVAC preventive maintenance can offer peace of mind in this way. Here are 5 reasons why taking action should be a priority. Understanding HVAC Preventive Maintenance Before we discuss the reasons for investing in HVAC preventive maintenance, it’s important to have a grasp of what it entails. HVAC preventive maintenance is the regular inspection, cleaning, and servicing of your HVAC system to ensure it operates efficiently. Beware of the DIY approach ‑ it’s not recommended to take on these tasks yourself. A qualified technician [...]

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Should You Buy a Ductless Air System?


Not all air conditioners are created equal. If you’ve never made the investment, you might be unfamiliar with the different types of systems on the market. A ductless model is one you might want to give a second look. Here’s why. What is a Ductless System? A ductless AC system, also known as a ductless mini split system, is a type of air conditioning system that does not require traditional ductwork to distribute cooled or heated air. Ductless AC systems work by drawing in air from the room into the indoor unit, where it is cooled or heated by the [...]

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